the following are optional services offered by SMS Reminder HQ:


Commercial Grade account: for businesses who have multiple departments and may need multiple separate SMS Reminder HQ phone #s. $179/mo for 6 phone numbers and 1500 SMS/voice credits


SMS/Voice Credits pack: this is for businesses who perform higher numbers of voice or SMS appointment or bill payment reminder calls in a month and wish to purchase a recurring subscription in “blocks” of  500 credits, all credits are reset/refilled each month. 500 credits are $57. unused credits do not roll over or accumulate month to month.


Full remote management: Each individual reminder  message must be individually created by the subscriber/staff. For this reason, it can become time consuming to create multiple repetitive appointment/bill payment reminders for the same end recipient for continual or recurring appointments or payments. By purchasing the “remote management” service, the client merely needs to send a single support ticket via the secure support interface with the client name/phone #/ amount of reminders plus details, and our professional agents will set up the reminders on your behalf. Remote management service is $95/month